DXP Babbitt

2533 N. 1500 W.

Ogden, UT 84404

Emergency Number

(801) 317-1820


At DXP Babbitt, quality comes first. That can be an overused cliché, but we know from many years of supporting outages in the power generation, municipal, and industrial plants that our customers do not have time to do any work twice. Bearings are only a small component of these complicated machines. But a failure of any component can mean downtime and outages, so we pride ourselves on every job leaving the shop being our best one.

But we also recognize that during a forced outage, time is of the essence. We operate our dedicated bearing shop 24/7 to support your emergency work. We can provide very rapid repair turn-around times while maintaining our quality standards, and can get your bearings back to you quickly for assembly. Our shop is centrally located in the West, and located conveniently to all major transportation options. We can help arrange and even provide shipping - we can provide a very rapid site to site service so you can concentrate on the rest of your outage! One call, one PO, and one less hassle for you to worry about.

For all work, we can complete it on a schedule to accommodate your requirements. We can pick up spare bearings or hydrogen seals to have them refurbished and ready for use when needed. And we can return them to you to accommodate your budget or inventory accounting timing requirements. We are here to provide all of your bearing support to meet your schedule and budgetary timing, from ‘need it yesterday’ forced outage work to providing spares to have available for unplanned outages.

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